Kraxberger Farms started growing Boxwood In 1995. Boxwood has been a very popular plant over the years and getting more so every day. Boxwoods are used all over the country in many different applications. Landscape Designers use Boxwoods or Buxus for hedge plants as well as Boxwood Cones, Boxwood Obelisk, four-sided boxwood and spiral boxwood at entrances of doorways and driveways. Many commercial properties such as hotels and parks use boxwood because of its diversity.

Deer are a problem in many states over the Union. Boxwood work as a deterrent for deer and elk. Boxwood seem to have a unpleasant odor to the deer. At Kraxberger farm and Boxwood unlimited deer are not a problem. They come around and eat other plants but do not seem to bother the nursery. Also Boxwood or Buxus seem to be insect resistant. The boxwood psyllid seems to be the only insect that bothers it. And it is easily controlled. Boxwood blight has been politicized recently. Boxwoods have been used for thousands of years in the most elegant mansions in the world and still are. The phytophthora that has attacked some of the varieties of boxwood-Buxus seem to be more prevalent in wet soggy heavy clay soil. In Oregon with its well drained soil, phytophthora ramorum (sudden oak death) has more of a problem surviving. Any evidence of Boxwood blight in an Oregon Nursery is easily dealt with by destroying the infected plant.

Some of the Boxwoods grown by Kraxberger Farms and Boxwood unlimited are:

Buxus Sempervirens (Common English Boxwood)
Buxus suffruticosa (Dwarf English Boxwood)
Buxus Graham Blandy (Graham Blandy Boxwood)
Buxus Microphylla winter gem (Winter Gem Boxwood)
Buxus Microphylla green gem (Green Gem Boxwood)
Buxus Microphylla green beauty (Green Beauty Boxwood)
Buxus Microphylla green velvet (Green Velvet Boxwood)
Buxus Microphylla green mountain (Green Mt. Boxwood)
Buxus Sempervirens Cone
Buxus Sempervirens Obelisk
Buxus Sempervirens Globe
Buxus Sempervirens Spiral