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As a leading Boxwood Nursery in Oregon and the United States, we are here to Assist you.

Explore our extensive assortment of boxwood varieties available in diverse styles and sizes. Select from a wide array, including Boxwood Sempervirens, Winter Gem, Green Beauty, Green Mountain, Green Velvet, Green Gem, and many others!


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Things are always growing here at Kraxberger Farms! Moving Forward! 


Over 200 Acres of Shrubs & Trees!

Kraxberger Farms Shrubs and Trees - Panorama

Boxwood garden and nurseries in Oregon
Kraxberger Farms Shrubs and Trees - Panorama 2

Boxwood garden and nurseries in Oregon

Start Your Holidays Here!

U-Cut Tree farm with a huge selection of Noble Fir Christmas trees. Hay rides and fun for the whole family.

Kraxberger Christmas Tree Farm

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Current Sale Items for your fall boxwood, maple, and other nursery sales are listed below. The offers on current nursery items are subject to change based on availability.

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Seasonal Selections

We operate year-round, and throughout the seasons, we are available to provide high quality Boxwoods and other landscaping botanicals.

Additionally, we offer an extensive variety of stunning Christmas trees for the holiday season, which you can either cut down yourself or have our friendly staff cut and bind for you!

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Why Kraxberger Farms?

Established in 1990, Kraxberger Farms has flourished into a nursery spanning over 70 acres of top-tier stock. Our facilities also boast an expansive Noble Christmas Tree Farm. We remain dedicated to propagating a wide range of stock items, including Boxwoods, Christmas Trees, Deciduous Species, and Coniferous Trees.

A key factor contributing to our prominence as a leading nursery in the Pacific Northwest is our commitment to retaining our original team leaders since our inception. This continuity ensures stability for our staff, products, and services over the long term.

At present, Kraxberger Farms is directing its primary focus towards identifying and meeting the evolving demands of the agricultural market. As part of this initiative, we have launched a new venture called Boxwood unLimited, building upon our longstanding dedication to boxwoods.

At Kraxberger Farms, our expertise and foresight in anticipating market demands empower us to cultivate superior products, capture market share in emerging sectors, and do so while offering the most competitive prices in the industry. Despite the challenges posed by economic fluctuations in recent years, Kraxberger Farms has not only sustained its size but also expanded its nursery stock acreage under cultivation.

We anticipate that this proactive approach of planning to address the expanding needs of the landscape and nursery community will lead to numerous new success stories for Kraxberger Farms across all aspects of our nursery operations.


Boxwood Trees and Shrubs

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