Kraxberger farms as been in operation since 1990 When he purchased a 30 acres Christmas tree farm. We started off as a Christmas tree farm specializing in Noble fir Christmas trees. Very soon after that we started planting nursery stock and have continued to present day.

We purchased another 53 acre farm in 2001 and have been expanding more every year. We now farm over 100 acres and specialize in Boxwoods. More than half the land is in Boxwood production with many varieties, and adding new ones every year.

Barry Kraxberger started providing landscape maintenance in 1981, at the age of 20 years old. He bought and sold landscape companies and accumulated fertilizing accounts. Through his efforts he was able to expand the company to provide full landscape maintenance, including spraying, fertilizing and eventually full landscape construction.

The landscape business and Christmas tree company provided the vehicle needed to build the nursery. In 2012 Barry sold the landscape company to his son and it’s now called Twin Oaks landscaping, which continues to provide landscape services to the community.

Why Kraxberger Farms?

Kraxberger Farms was established in 1990 and has since grown to a nursery that exceeds 70 acres of high quality stock, and additionally includes an extensive Noble Christmas tree farm. Kraxberger Farms has been committed to propagating most if not all of our stock items: boxwoods, Christmas trees, deciduous species and coniferous trees.

Part of our strength as an influential nursery here in the Pacific Northwest stems from the fact that from the beginning we have maintained our original staff leaders. For our staff, our product, and our services, we have long term stability.

Kraxberger Farms is currently focusing its primary efforts on determination and production of the emerging needs for the agro-market. Kraxberger Farms started a new company (Boxwood unLimited) to further our long-term established passion for boxwoods.

At Kraxberger Farms our experience and ability to see oncoming needs of the marketplace enable us to produce a superior product, to build market share in emerging products, and for us to do so while establishing the most competitive prices in the industry. Despite the “ups and downs” and “economic downturns” even over the past several years, Kraxberger Farms has managed not only to maintain its size but expand its nursery stock acreage under cultivation.

It is our expectation that this cycle of planning ahead to meet the “growing needs” of the landscape and nursery community will create many new success stories for Kraxberger Farms in every realm of our nursery endeavors…